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Desc: Koi fish are one of the most graceful pets and can survive in different temperatures, but there are certain things you must consider when having a Koi pond.


How To Ensure Your Koi?s Health
Koi pond, a peaceful and quiet place, is essentially a man-made paradise and having one at your home is certainly the nicest way to reduce stress of daily life. In addition, it is a perfect way to add beauty to your backyard landscape. But it requires some effort to keep your koi healthy and happy and the pond attractive. In fact, building a koi pond is way much easier than its maintenance. Taking care of your koi from the very beginning can help you avoid many potential issues later on. Here are some simple tips to help you maintain a healthy koi pond.

Perform Constant Water Checks
Koi ponds face issues like excessive fish waste, acid rain, and nutrient-enriched runoff. To avoid these common yet serious issues, performing constant water checks is highly recommended. Though Koi fish is easy to care for, poor water quality and environment can cause health issues for even the hardest fish.

Keep the Right Temperature
For people who live in colder regions where ponds can freeze, there is nothing to worry about as Koi can survive during the winter season. When the pond?s surface gets frozen, Koi can hibernate under the surface. However, you can use a floating de-icer to keep a hole in the icy surface to maintain proper gas exchange.

Do Not Overfeed
Most Koi owners make one of the most common yet unhealthiest mistakes of overfeeding their fish. Take an opportunity to closely evaluate your fish when feeding as it will help you to detect any diseases and injuries that may have occurred to your Koi. Overfeeding leads to poor water quality which ultimately introduces a host of additional issues potentially. High nitrites and ammonia in the pond water can result in parasites, fin rot, and other diseases.

Ensure Pond Equipment Maintenance
Koi pond equipment usually includes fine quality power pump, filtration system, aeration system, ultraviolet sterilizer, and protein skimmer. For example, the purpose of pond pump is to pump water in and out of the pond so there is proper water movement for the Koi and other machines and tools do their job to maintain a suitable environment for the fish.

Koi fish are undoubtedly one of the most graceful marine pets, and they come if many different colours too. If you are pet savvy and love having animals around you, it is important to provide them what is needed to keep them healthy and happy. QuidCode offers amazing pets discount deals in the UK so you can take care of your friends without worrying about your budget and cherish your relationship.

Pets Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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