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Desc: In 40s, you are at the peak of your career and family goals and keeping up with health may be devastating. Here are some easy health rules you must follow.


Health Rules for Women Over 40
Besides the silver in your hair as you race toward your big 40, there are some obvious signs that you are getting older. You are likely to feel fabulous with all the wisdom but subtle changes to your body will have a great impact by the next decade. If you are looking for some easy ways to stay healthy and sparkling after 40, here is our guide to help you achieve that goal.

Eat the Most Important Meal of the Day
Human metabolism tends to slow down 2 per cent each time after 10 years, so, eating breakfast is vital. Having a healthy meal at the beginning of your day will kick start your metabolism and provide you the much-needed energy for a whole day. This is why it is called the most important meal of the day.

Women who eat breakfast, according to studies, lose weight efficiently than those on a low-carb diet who have their breakfast as the smallest meal and who gain their weight back just after a few months.

Don?t Forget to Work Those Muscles
Give your body just 30 minutes a day. For that purpose, you don?t necessarily have to join a gym, simple running, squats, and crunches will do the help your metabolism needs and strengthen your bones, balance, and prevent slight injuries from routine strain, too.

Worship Calcium and Vitamin D
Keeping strong bones has never been easier for women, but if you consider, there are many foods loaded with calcium and vitamin D, like some nuts, dairy products, and salmon. Experts recommend women in their 40s to take 800 IU of vitamin D and 1000mg of calcium a day. So, head to your doctor and ask for some supplement recommendation.

Manage Stress Levels
If you have a crazy routine with a job and family responsibility, you can be stressed and stress can contribute to unhealthy changes inside and outside your body like open pores, dull skin, high blood pressure, faster cell death, and even lower libido.

All these factors can trigger ageing faster, so take a few moments to breathe and relax and give yourself a hug. Stressing out won?t help you change the situation but focusing on positive ways to do so will definitely help you.

Enjoy High Protein Meals
If you are one of those people who usually feel low or dizzy all the time, give your life a spark by increasing your protein intake. Taking foods rich in amino acids will help you to form complete proteins, enhance endorphins (the feel-good hormone), and this, turn down symptoms of poor memory and depression.

Red meat, fish, eggs, and quinoa are awesome sources of protein but don?t forget to add carbs to your diet as they help in serotonin production in the brain that is known to boost mood.
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Don?t Ignore Your Social Life
Ditch social media and plan a meet up with your friends in person. Meeting loved ones not just relaxes your nerves but boost self-esteem and enhances mooed which ultimately reduces the risk of a number of health issues like diabetes, heart issues, and stroke.

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