Camping Trips

Let’s start by planning first. It is important to do some research before heading into the mountains, especially when you don’t want to go camping during the monsoon period or be stuck with insufficient food in the middle of your trip. Consider also the types of tent you pack along and stay comfy with this Outwell 4 man tent. Well, let’s not delay the planning any longer, so continue reading for our best tips to pull off your picture-perfect and memorable trip. 

Want to go camping again just like those times in your childhood? What’s stopping you? A camping trip is not just for the young ones. Even as an adult, you can go on those camping trips again, and what’s more, now you can plan your own! With summer right around the corner, take this chance to go on a big adventure with your friends again. 

Who Should You Bring As Your Camping Buddies?

The perks of recreational camping are that anyone, no matter the level of experience with camping, can have a blast too. You can invite friends with more outdoor experience, or even camping newbies, as everyone brings something different to your trip. The most important thing you need to consider is whether the friends you invite can get along well together and whether they can contribute to the experience. So don’t worry if they’ll need help with technical stuff such as pitching a tent, so long as they’ll willingly and happily jump in to do something fun and adventurous.

Now, Where To Stay?

For those with just a little lesser camping experience, the best places are state or even metropolitan parks where there are accommodations such as cabins or tent sites already available. To convince even your most reluctant friends, find a campsite with restrooms and washing up facilities. This will make the newbies feel more at ease and reassured when they are out in a foreign environment. 

For those with camping experience, go wild! You can camp for free with dispersed camping such as primitive campsites (meaning remote campsites without usual facilities such as electricity, phone reception, and restrooms) in national parks. With this, you can be away from the commotion of usual campsites and have a closer time with your friends. You can enjoy a little peace and quiet and really relax in nature, forgetting about all the mundane worries living in the concrete jungles. Just make sure to pack everything you need, especially lots and lots of water to cook your meals, wash up, and rehydrate. 

Wherever you go, it is always important to check in advance for any fees or permits required. Another tip from us is to look for campsites or locations that offer you a wide variety of activities that match your crew’s interests and make those necessary reservations as well. This will ensure that your camping trip is smooth-sailing and perfect. 

What To Cook?

Cooking for a big crew doesn’t have to be complicated and scary, just make sure to plan ahead. A potluck can be arranged if your stay is for a single night. You can barbecue or grill meat, seafood, and even vegetables easily even at campsites with no cooking facilities, or have your crew make side dishes before the trip. It’s even better if you don’t have to reheat it — just serve, and eat your fill! 

Planning for a longer camping trip and don’t wish to be stuck with frozen meals? Fret not! Think of meals that can be prepared in bulk for a big group of friends. An easy meal that can cater to any dietary restrictions is tacos. Simply add any toppings you want. So, toss away your worries of any dietary restrictions (but, still, take note of any special food allergies)! Another popular option is a pasta dinner that is easy to make and will energize your crew enough for the next few daytime activities coming up. 

Time for Vitamin D!

Camping is well-known for its crackling campfires and breezy winds, but let’s not forget the daytime activities to keep the crew entertained throughout the day. One simple activity without any reservations required involves getting your crew on a hike at the available trailheads near campsites where it’s easy to turn back should they feel tired, so everyone can hike leisurely. 

If you’re looking for something more exciting and adventurous, there’s plenty of other activities that are available and can guarantee a fun time too, such as paddling boats on a nearby lake, going for a run on the trail, or even biking in the mountains — just make sure to plan and make reservations in advance. You don’t want to be stuck in a place that is not your campsite once the sun goes down, and leave everyone fending for themselves. 

The Highlight of Camping: Campfire! 

Now that the sun’s down, it’s time for the best part of camping — campfires! But, how do you build the perfect campfire? Practice makes perfect, so start by practicing at home before heading on your camping trip! Start from the center of the fire ring and stack twigs like a pyramid. Light them up and stack bigger twigs on top, but make sure there’s still plenty of space for oxygen to go through. Larger logs will make the fire bigger. If you find it hard to light a fire, one of our secret tips is to use petroleum jelly in cotton balls, they’re great fire starters! 

With the fire going, this is where the fun comes in! There are many activities you can do around the campfire while dinner is being served, from special camp cocktails (think easy but impressive drinks like a mojito, sex on the beach, and martini) to games like Monopoly Deal, Avalon, or even some drinking games. Once it’s darker into the night, people will naturally go towards the campfire. At this point, you know it’s time for some of those ghost stories that will leave everyone with a chill down their spines. With that, it’s time to relax and let your plans run themselves.


Now that you are in on some of our best tips for a picture-perfect and smooth-sailing camping trip in the outdoors with your friends, start planning for this fun-filled weekend in the summer! We guarantee you’ll come back tanned, but flushing with happiness. What are you waiting for? Let’s go! 


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