The Best Guide to Shop in the UK

Shop in the UK
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Traveling to the UK can be one of the best experiences ever. It’s not just the best place to visit but to shop as well. Shopping in the UK can be expensive but there are many ways to save a great chunk of your money. Make sure when you visit the UK you have enough suitcases to carry all your new clothes and shopping bags back home. You won’t get tired of shopping because every different shop or street will give you a new taste of UK fashion and trend.

Below is a wonderful guide that will help you to shop there in the best way possible.

1.    Street shopping

If you are on a great shopping mission then you don’t have to go to malls or super outlets. Try out one of the best shopping streets such as Oxford or Carnaby Street. Be aware they are the busiest streets in the UK but trust me you’ll get the best things from here. Try to avoid going on weekends there as the crowd might get frustrating for you. One thing that can be done is to go shop first thing in the morning. Most of these shops open up around 9:30 am. But do try to shop from there as you will find a wide range of exceptionally cheap products which can be taken back home.

If you are looking for something more branded take a look at Convent Garden or Kings Road. They are a bit less stressful and you’ll find a completely different London style there. Men’s footwear, women’s clothes, etc. everything is easily accessible at these wonderful streets.

2.    Charity shops

The UK has a variety of charity shops which offer you products at a very cheap rate. These charity shops don’t have to face the burden of rent due to which they can easily offer products at cheaper rates. Their supplies are also donated by merchandise or the general public. So try finding such shops as they won’t break your budget. There are many charity shops inside and outside UK both

3.    Knightsbridge

When you go to the UK don’t miss the chance to visit this place. It is a beautiful place with plenty of offices surrounding small shops. Even if you don’t intend to shop, do visit and take a look at the designer clothes available there. There is one famous shop known as the Harrods which has 300 departments employed with hundreds of people. It is one place that attracts all the tourists. However, it is overly crowded but you will get the best products with beautiful designs.

Apart from that Harvey Nichols is a triple floored shop filled with designer dresses. Don’t miss to see the beauty of this place. You won’t regret spending your money in these shops as they will provide you with one of the finest fashionable clothes. If you are looking for lingerie then also you should visit some famous shops here such as Rigby and Peller. – They won’t really break your budget.

4.    Department stores

The UK has many department stores such as Liberty which can be a choice for budget-friendly travelers. John Lewis is also one of the most affordable department stores which are worth visiting. You will find wonderful clothes at cheap rates which will eventually help you to save a lot of money. You don’t get tired of shopping but definitely, you will get out of money after shopping so much. So it’s better that you choose to shop at affordable shops to get hold of as much as things you can get.

5.    Secondhand shopping

You won’t believe that the UK is also famous for secondhand shopping. It has some super good markets throughout the area which offer you excellent quality secondhand products. If you are looking for used clothes or books, you’ll find some really good markets such as The Beyond Retro. If you buy anything from there you won’t even feel that the product is not new or used. It will give you a feel of new or branded items.

6.    Discount codes and Promo Codes

Did you know that in the UK you can find some of the best coupon and discount codes? There are many applications available through which you can find some of the best coupons that will help you to get products at lower rates. Try to find such coupon codes and save your money. These discount codes are offered not only in small shops but they offer great discounts on designer clothes as well. What can be better than getting designer clothes at cheap rates? Go ahead and find those wonderful clothes.

7.    Sales

Yes, UK does offer sales during different seasons and months. To get the best sale offers to try visiting during Mid-summer or just after Christmas. You will find clearance sale on men’s clothes, women accessories, makeup and much more. Get your luggage filled with the best products purchased from different sales.

8.    Online shopping

If you don’t really want to go out on those busy streets then we have a great option for you as well. For those who want to shop from their hotel rooms, you can find some fine online applications which will help you to get the best brands at your doorsteps without any delivery charges. This is one easy way to get the best things at your doorstep without wasting any time and energy.

9.    Cheap shops

If you are traveling with a small budget and you don’t intend to spend a lot on shopping then also I have some great tips for you. Why don’t you consider shopping at some famous cheap shops? Tiger, Muji, Zara, and H&M are some great shops here you can find good clothes. You might be thinking that the quality won’t be really good If the prices are low but don’t worry they don’t compromise on their quality. They keep the highest quality products to be purchased by local and traveling customers. They have a wide range of colorful clothes, footwear, bags, and coats. Don’t overthink! Just go and buy great things to show off back home.


Did you get the best guide to shop in the UK? Then what are you waiting for? Go and plan your trip to the UK. You won’t get disappointed after seeing those wonderful streets and outlets. UK’s style and fashion are on the top and unbeatable. Whenever you visit any new store you will find a new and different fashion on your table. You won’t get tired of seeing the different trends and designs. If you plan to visit the UK don’t forget to shop at the places mentioned above. Even if you have a small budget, don’t hesitate to find the coupons and discount codes available. These coupon codes won’t break your budget and you can fill your hotel room with shopping bags all around..

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