SAFe certification

 SAFe agilist certification comes with several kinds of advantages for the people and this is considered to be the training and certification associated with the SAFe agile framework which is widely utilised by organisations nowadays. The leading SAFe agilist certification training program will always aim at managers and executives who are very much successful in terms of leading the initiatives into the large software organisations. SAFe agilist certification will help in providing the people with multiple advantages and will work towards the improvement of lean-agile culture into the organisations by communicating and making the stakeholders realise the value of change.

Following is the comprehensive process of getting this particular certification:

  1. People need to appear and do the two days of the training course that will help in preparing the people for the certification examination.
  2. In this particular two days of preparation course, people will be gaining the knowledge associated with the whole process of lean-agile culture into the organisations and the training will also discuss the five core competencies required for the organisations to become a lean enterprise.
  3. After this people need to develop a good command of the skills associated with the scrum framework and will further help in making sure that people will be very much successful in terms of dealing with training facilities without any kind of hassle.
  4. Everybody is welcome to attend this particular course regardless of experience but it is highly recommended for people to go with the option of having more than five years of experience in the world of testing, business analysis, project management or experience in a scrum environment.
  5. The format of this particular exam will be multiple-choice questions and the number of questions will be 45 and the duration will be 90 minutes. The passing score is 35 out of 45 or 75% passing score.

Following are some of the very basic advantages of attending this particular course:

  1. SAFe training will enable the people to implement the lean and agile process perfectly.
  2. In the cases of distributive teams, it will always help in bridging the gap between geographical locations and will also allow the people to overcome the challenges without any kind of problem.
  3. Implementation of this particular concept will also enable the training of management and leadership across the organisation very easily.
  4. The SAFe program will help in making sure that there will be incremental planning in the whole process which will help in motivating the team to engage with the customers and all the stakeholders.
  5. During the implementation of this particular concept, everybody will be on the same line and will be moving in a good mood of coordination that will further make sure that efficiency and consistent delivery will be ensured without any kind of hassle.

 When the people have gained this particular certification they also need to indulge in regular renewal and the fee is hundred US dollars for renewing the certification which has to be paid by the students. Hence, indulging in SAFe training is a wonderful idea for the people so that they have a good command over the scrum concepts and can provide their expertise to different companies across the industry. 


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