How to Use Discount Codes to Boost Sales

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Do you still think that using coupon codes as a marketing technique is useless? If yes, then you are entirely wrong. Even though couponing has been around for over a century, you still can’t deny the fact that this strategy hasn’t lost its effectiveness. Many top companies are still relying on using vouchers and promo codes to lure more customers towards them.

If you are still wondering how, here are a few ways you can use coupon codes to boost your sales in no time.

Offer Early Bird Discounts

If you want to see how well your product will perform after being launched in the market, taking pre orders is the ideal technique. Pre orders show you how people are responding to your ads and well they plan on receiving your latest products. However, most companies take pre orders without actually asking for any advance.

You can change that by asking for an advance with an early bird discount code. That means, all those individuals who place an order and pay an advance amount or full amount will be entitled to an exclusive discount. For example, you can offer a 20% off to all those who place an order and pay while you are taking pre orders. Believe me, people love discounts, and this technique will help you sell your first batch of a specific product in no time.

Create Urgency with Flash Sales

Flash sales are on the hype! All top e-commerce stores around the globe introduce flash sales where you see the urgency. Flash sales can convince a prospect to buy a specific product before the time runs out. For example, you can create urgency by sending emails, posting content on social media about a seasonal sale that will only last for a couple of days or even hours.

Introduce Buy One Get One Free Offers

One of the best ways to boost your sales revenue is by offering buy one get one free offer. The basic concept behind this offer is that you get two products for the price of one. Sounds pretty tempting!

However, there is one thing that has been observed by many customers over the years. Companies that launch such an offer eventually reduce the quality of their products to reduce their production costs. If I were you, I’d never do something like this. Though you may tend to earn more at that moment, you can’t expect your potential clients to come back. If they don’t like the quality of the product in their first impression, it will become complicated to convince them to come back regardless of which trick you play.

Get Featured on a Free Coupon Site

Nowadays there are many online coupon sites that feature coupon codes for free. Wondering how that would help in boosting your sales. Well, we all know that promo codes are customer magnets. However, the real deal here is that by getting featured on these websites, you also enhance your online presence. In addition, these websites will also promote your discounts on social platforms from where you’ll even get lots of social existence.

Don’t Make It a Habit

Regardless of how beneficial coupon codes are, you can always rely on them in fact, by introducing too many coupons for your brand every once in a while, you’ll only make it a habit of your potential customers. That way, they may always wait for a discount code from your side to actually make purchases.  Therefore, we advise that you shouldn’t lose the uniqueness of your discounts. Manage an occasional or seasonal pattern that doesn’t make people think that there will always be a discount at your store.


After reading these simple tips, are you preparing for your next discount code campaign to boost your sales? Well, you should be. All significant organizations have accepted that coupons do help in generating high-quality leads as well as conversions. It may seem a bit tricky at the start by not understanding which products to choose for discounts, or how much you should offer, but with proper planning, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Would like to add anything? Kindly share your feedback in the comments section below.

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