Recover SQL Database From Corrupt MDF

In today’s decade, Microsoft SQL Server is the most popular relational database management system. Almost all the organizations use SQL Server to store and manage their crucial information. SQL Server stores all the database information in Master Database File or MDF file. It is the primary database file with an extension .mdf, which contains the data as well as schema.

However, due to some known and unknown reasons SQL database file (.mdf file) get corrupted and users are unable to access their data. If you are dealing with such corruption issues then, read this article carefully and get a simple and fast method to recover SQL database from corrupt MDF file in a perfect way.

Before jumping onto the solution let’s take a quick glance at the factors that are responsible for MDF file corruption.

Reasons behind corrupt MDF file

There are several factors behind the corruption in SQL Server database file. All the core reasons are mentioned below, have a look at it and prevent the MDF files from corruption or damage.

  • If there is corruption in storage media where all MDF files are stored.
  • If MDF files are stored in a compressed folder, then the chances of corruption increase.
  • Any alteration or modification in the SQL Server account.
  • If users have deleted some data accidentally from the MDF file.
  • Defected disk drivers.
  • If there is a network failure when SQL database file is in use.
  • Other reasons for MDF file corruption are virus attacks, hard disk failure, abnormal system shutdown, abrupt power failure, and many more.

If you are trying to access the corrupted MDF file, then it may encounter the following error messages:

Corruption on data page

Error 9004 in SQL Server

SQL Server table corruption error

Metadata corruption error  

Page level corruption.

Msg 823 error in SQL Server

Msg 824 in SQL Server

Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server

Apart from this, there are other error messages also that you might get while accessing the corrupt MDF file. Therefore, it is necessary to act immediately to prevent any kind of data loss. 

Methods to Recover SQL Database from corrupt MDF file

You can achieve this in two different ways. One is a professional method with the help of SQL database Recovery software and another can be done manually.

Method 1. Manual Methodology

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover data from damaged or corrupted MDF files.

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB on the corrupt SQL database by executing the following query:

DBCC CHECKDB (Name_of_corrupt_database)

  • After that, check the index ID.

Case 1. If index ID > 1, then drop it and create it again.

Case 2. If index ID is either 0 or 1, then run DBCC CHECKDB again with the appropriate repair options such as-

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_fast)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_rebuild)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_allow_data_loss)

Limitations of the manual method

  1. More chances of data loss or file corruption.
  2. Time-consuming process.
  3. Requires technical knowledge to execute.
  4. No guarantee for successful database recovery

Method 2. Professional Method (Simple and Easy)

The above-mentioned method is successful if the MDF file is in healthy state. In case, if you are trying to repair a corrupted SQL MDF file, then you need to use a proficient third-party tool like SQL Database Recovery which fixes all the issues and recovers the database from corrupt MDF file in just a few simple clicks.

This software has the capability to recover the permanently deleted database component and provide an option to export the complete or selective data directly to the SQL Server database or as SQL Compatible Script.

Moreover,  It is compatible with all Microsoft SQL Server versions like 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and below.

Steps to Repair corrupt MDF file

Step 1. Download and install the software in your system and click Open to load the SQL MDF file.

Step 2. Choose Scan Mode (either Quick or Advance) for scanning the MDF files. Check the Auto Detect option to detect the SQL Server version of the corrupt MDF file automatically and check also the Recover Deleted Objects option to recover the deleted database objects.

Steps 3. Preview the recovered database objects like triggersrulestables, etc. and click the Export button to export the SQL Database.

Step 4. Now, fill all the details and hit the Export button.

Final Words:

Now, users can use any of the methods discussed above. If in case users cannot recover SQL database from corrupt MDF file manually then they can use the professional software.

This utility is easy to use and provides 100% assurance of successful results. You can download the free demo edition of the software, if it satisfies your requirement then you can switch to the paid version to unlock more advanced features of the software.


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