Football, the top sport in the world, is the favorite when it comes to betting. After all, the game has several competitions throughout the year, giving gamblers many betting options. Not only that, betting in football gives gamblers some say over their investment instead of relying on luck.

Do you want to start making football bets, just trying to use 22bet app? If so, keep this golden rule in mind: focus on leagues you know well. Yes, spreading your wagers far and wide across international competitions may not be the smart move it seems to be. 

Read on to learn more from MightyTips about that and get tips on betting in specific leagues.

Betting Tips For The Premier League

When it comes to football, each competition or league has its nuance. From individual play styles to varying outcomes, they can have several peculiarities, which applies to the English Premier League.

This league is the world’s most popular domestic football competition and attracts a large number of punters. So naturally, with the right strategy, this could be one of the most lucrative tournaments to place your bets. Here are some tips on how you form a betting plan of action for this league:

  • Keep up with the television broadcast of the league for matchday information.
  • Check out the league’s official website now and then for even more detailed coverage and information.
  • Analyze different websites to know the key statistics and figures that will help you develop a betting strategy.
  • Pay close attention to the managerial switches that take place in the English Premier League. Often, when a team underperforms, there may be a replacement in their manager. This situation can be an opportunity for bettors.
  • Sometimes a change in managers can turn the tides for the teams on the lower end of the table. So it is an excellent opportunity for bettors to make money on a team’s revival.
  • The English Premier League is one of the best competitions for arbitrage betting. You will need to compare the odds for a match across different bookmakers in this betting strategy. Then you can choose the best odds for different outcomes.
  • Consider also your level of betting. If you’re just starting to wager on football, go for simpler betting markets like Match Bet or goalscorer. These also come with the advantage of having fewer risks.
  • Also, don’t forget to have a minimum betting threshold for your wagers.

Betting Tips For Lower Leagues

Due to the lack of resources and star power, most people, besides local fans, do not consider the lower leagues. At the same time, this means that there will be no dominating force for consecutive seasons.

You’ll find that sportsbooks devote most of their attention and energy to the big leagues. While annoying, this could be an opportunity for bettors because it often results in wrongly valued lower league games. Here’s how you can exploit this lack of focus on the lower leagues.

  • While challenging to find live broadcasts of lower league games, try to watch as many as possible. Highlights often leave out a lot of crucial information about a match, so it isn’t enough to build betting instincts.
  • If you cannot find any live broadcasts at all, search for articles on matches. Be it journalistic ones or fan blogs; they can give you a wealth of team-specific information.
  • Never ignore any match details, even if it seems trivial, like injuries. When placing a bet, all of this information is valuable as it helps evaluate a team’s performance.
  • Always consider a team’s home-away statistics, particularly for the lower leagues. Most teams in these leagues aren’t professional, so they may be working along with playing football. Such players will often be quite exhausted, especially at away games.
  • Away games leave inexperienced players feeling intimidated and give the home team an advantage.
  • Finally, give due consideration to the state of the pitch. Generally, lower league teams play on some of the worst pitches, which leads to dreadful long-ball tactics. So it would do you well to wager on a team with a lightning-quick striker.
  • Another reason why pitch consideration is necessary is that low-quality pitches tire players out faster. So place your bets on teams with more robust and physically-fit players.

General Pre-Match Analysis Tips

While a few factors are unique to a league, some apply to tournaments in general. So you may use these to perform your pre-match analysis regardless of which competition is on-going. 

  • Current Form: When analyzing a team, don’t merely look at their recent wins, losses, and draws. Instead, consider the quality of the opponents they played against in those matches. 
  • Defense And Attack Statistics: It is vital to go over these stats before deciding who you want to back during a football match. Sometimes a team may appear to have great form initially, but their stats may not support this theory. Closer analysis may reveal that their recent winning streak is due to good luck rather than actual skill.
  • Fitness And Suspensions: Go beyond simple research on statistics. Find out exactly which players will be available for specific matches. If you find that some key players are on suspension, it could affect your original betting strategy.
  • Incentive To Win: This factor is often overlooked by punters but can be very useful during in-play betting. A team’s motivation to win can greatly influence match outcomes, which affects your decision when placing wagers.

Wrap Up

Football is one of the best sports to bet on if you want to take home a payout. That said, you cannot go into it blindly. If you wish to place a wager on a football match, you must do your research regardless of the league. Only then will you be able to form an accurate betting strategy.

Of course, no one can win every single wager, so it is important to keep realistic expectations. That said, with the tips in mind, you can significantly increase your odds of staying profitable. So give these a shot the next time you think of betting on football!


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