There have been several high profile slot developers to pop up in the last decade or so, joining some of the originators in NetEnt, Microgaming and Eyecon, however none of them have had as much success as the Scandinavian brand Yggdrasil. And in reality there is absolutely no surprise there, because something you may not have known is that Yggdrasil was established by the ex-CEO of NetEnt – no wonder he knows exactly what he’s doing, eh? 

One of the main things that has continuously set Yggdrasil apart from the rest is their absolute dedication to making sure that the technology used in their slots is consistently cutting edge, something that explains why the graphics in Yggdrasil slots are always pristinely rendered in stunning HD detail. There are many other reasons why playing slots without a deposit in 2020 are so well regarded in the modern day, but why don’t you see for yourself with a few of the top slots by Yggdrasil? Keep reading to find out! 

Vikings Go To Hell 

The Vikings series is almost certainly one of the flagship slot series in the Yggdrasil arsenal; especially considering the theme pertains rather well to the Scandinavian roots of where Yggdrasil come from as a brand. Out of all of these games are personal favourite has simply got to be Vikings Go To Hell, as it combines the whimsical Viking aesthetic with the ludicrous idea that they could reach the gates of hell and battle it out with Hades and co. 

The Rage points seen in previous Vikings games from Yggdrasil return here, as well as a whole host of different bonus rounds and features. One of the main reasons why so many people love Vikings Go To Hell is for the Lord of Chains bonus round, in which the Vikings descend into hell and battle it out with the evil forces underneath. Aside from being incredibly exciting, this can also result in a whole load of jackpot prize money! 

Dr Fortuno 

Magic, eh? In the modern world we are surrounded by magic, however it can often seem as though the traditional art of magic theatre performances is dying in the 21st century. Well, if that fact is making you a little sad why not try out Dr Fortuno from Yggdrasil, an online slot that is completely and utterly wrapped up in the world of magic performances that you would see in the olden days. 

The RTP here is a pretty impressive 96.20%, and due to its medium volatility Dr Fortuno is a good online slot option for both high and low rollers. And there’s more too, because this slot also contains a pretty tantalizing progressive jackpot feature! 

Wilhelm Tell 

Do you know who Wilhelm Tell is? We forgive you for not knowing, however this legendary archer is pretty much the Swiss version of Robin Hood. In fact, without Wilhelm Tell it would remain to be seen whether Switzerland would exist today, so quite a big deal! 

You can see why Wilhelm Tell is such a popular Yggdrasil slot for this very reason too!


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