Do Coupons Lead to Repeat Purchases?

Do Coupons Lead to Repeat Purchases?
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In this world of competition, every other company tries to launch a new product to excite customers and gain profits. Due to a range of products, it is challenging for consumers to choose a specific product. On the other hand, companies offer vouchers and coupon codes to attract the attention of people towards their new or mature product. Offering voucher codes are now a marketing trend which every company adopts, but a few companies do not think about the consequences or results. However, the question remains unanswered. Do coupons lead to repeat purchases?


According to me, products and services availed through a coupon do not usually provide good or the same quality. As the company knows that the discount will not help them gain profits due to which they do not add value to the product, and the quality remains unsatisfied.
That means that the customer will avail such products through the coupons, but if they are asked to buy the product without a coupon, they might refuse to do so. In some cases, the customers will get disappointed, and they might not buy the same product, and they would also not give good reviews to others. That would lead to a failed marketing strategy and a negative impact on the company.


The price of the product is one of the most significant factors which affect the sales. Many customers prefer to avail a coupon code just because the real price of the product is too high and unaffordable. The coupon would help them purchase that expensive product at a lower price. Therefore the company should target their market accordingly and they should offer coupons to those who they believe will buy their products without the coupon as well. This strategy solely depends on how the company targets their customers. For example, as soon as the The Beauty Store Coupon code was introduced the company saw a boost in their sales.
Consumer behaviour

Some customers try to save as much as they can. They don’t avail a coupon in order to try a new product. However, they aim to save as much as the money they can. After using that coupon, they will search for a new voucher or cheaper product. So for such customers coupons can never lead sales or repeat purchases. No matter how much they like a product, they will always try to find the cheapest product in order to save.

Block Competitor Messaging

Some companies try to market their products through attractive advertisements and other techniques, but customers always want a product which will be pocket-friendly for them. Coupons to help to attract customers and they will block their customers from going somewhere else. In this time the customer will get used to of the same product and even after a coupon they might not consider buying something else.

The Right Time to Offer a Coupon Code

Coupons should never be offered the whole year round. Special occasions such as Black Friday, New Year or maybe Christmas are good times to approach consumers. If a company gives coupons to people the whole year round, then this might seem cheap and cynical. The consumer might think that the product is not up to the mark of people don’t buy the product due to which the seller is forced to offer discounts to earn something. A seller should always use their strategies critically and adequately. Such things also impact the purchasing of a consumer.


Yes, coupons make repeat sales, but some factors should be adequately maintained. Offering coupons and discounts are not something every company can afford, but in order to market their products, it is necessary to attract a range of consumers. Offering coupons will not help them to increase their sales. They would have to make sure that they don’t disappoint their consumers in any way.

Products offered through coupons should have excellent quality so that consumers repeat their purchases and remain loyal. The price of the product should also be affordable if a consumer wishes to purchase it without a coupon as well. Everything depends on how the seller is marketing the product. If he wants to increase his sales, then he should never compromise on the quality or quantity of the product. He should also know who and how to target the following consumer.

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