Internet speed

Right after price, the main thing that matters is the internet speed. Are you getting the internet speed you are paying for? Is it the right speed for your work? How much speed should an average internet have? If you think your internet is fast, how much internet speed does it has? These are all questions we wonder. We have made a simple guide to explain such questions.

Why internet speed is necessary?

Internet speed is defined as the volume of data transferred through a connection in a certain amount of time. If we go into depth, computers transfer information in the form of data packets. Packet here is simply one unit of data. Your internet speed is defined by the number of those data packets transferred in a given time. The internet with faster speed will transfer more packets in one minute than a slower internet. Check out Spectrum plans for high-speed and HD TV service. 

If you have a large amount of data to transfer or an HD video to watch, you need fast internet. Who likes buffering while watching their favorite video? Faster internet is required for a smooth stream.

Test your internet speed:

If you want to get the most out of your connection, you should know your internet speed. Checking your internet speed regularly keeps you updated so you can make sure you are getting the internet speed you are paying for.

Upload speed and download speed:

When you check your internet speed, you see two numbers: One is your upload speed, and the other is the download speed.

Download Speed:

 When you open Facebook and watch a video, the time that the video takes to buffer depends on your download speed. The download speed is the speed at which information travels from the internet to your device.

Upload Speed:

 Upload speed is the opposite. If you are uploading a document, the time it takes to upload depends on the upload speed of your internet. It is the speed at which information travels from your device to the internet.

Generally, download speeds are higher and faster than upload speeds. It is obvious because consumers generally watch and download more content than they upload. Many activities do not need upload bandwidth once they are started, like social media platforms. Other activities include streaming videos or music, reading a book online,shop online or downloading files.

Upload speed matters when you are working with some interactive applications. For instance, if you are on a zoom call and you are uploading a massive amount of data, or you are playing the game online. Slow upload speed will distort video calling, and you have to wait a long to upload files.

Right internet speed for the right task:

Different people have different internet needs. The internet speed varies drastically from family to family. If you need internet to only surf through social media, even a lower speed internet is enough for it. But if there are five people in a house streaming Netflix in every room, then slower internet speed can cause choppy videos and a low definition quality.

0-5 Mbps:

If you just need to check your email or search something on google, then this speed is enough for you. With 5 Mbps speed, you can even stream music on one device.

5-40 Mbps:

If your internet speed ranges from 5 to 40 Mbps, then it is good enough to watch videos on one device. You can video call with skype, or you can FaceTime a friend. This amount of speed is good enough for one player to play an online game.

40-100 Mbps:

This range of internet speed is good as you can stream HD videos on some devices. You can download large files in no time. With this speed, multiple people can play online.

100-500 Mbps:

This speed is above average, and a family of five can easily watch Ultra HD videos separately on their screens. This speed allows you to download large files quickly. It is the ideal speed for online gaming. Multiple players can play online without any hassle.


The speed you need depends on the kind of work you do. Low internet speeds are good enough for everyday activities like social media surfing or streaming videos. But when it comes to deal with large data, play UHD videos, or gaming, you need a strong and faster internet connection.


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