Tress During Winter

Summer is the best season for getting tan lines and sun-kissed skin, but it is also the time for your dry and frizzy hair’s wild appearance. However, you can also experience having dry hair when the weather is cold. In fact, the winter season is also another nemesis for your growing tresses. The combination of winter’s freezing temperature and the indoor heat can deteriorate your hair’s quality and cause strand breakage. Even your hair growth shampoo may not be enough to protect your hair. Thus, it is also essential to boost your winter hair care routine just as how much you’d care for your hair during summertime. 

What must then you do to keep your tresses on point even during the darkest and coldest days of the winter season? Check out the following hair care tips that you can do for your winter hair.

5 Simple Hair Care Tips for the Winter Season

1. Protect your tresses with hats whenever you go outside.

Your hair becomes hypersensitive to temperature fluctuations. It may probably be hot indoors, but it won’t be the case when you go outside. When your hair is suddenly exposed to snow or the frigid winter breeze, it can rob off your hair’s moisture and ruin its quality. Therefore, always wear a hat or anything that can keep your tresses warm amidst the cold season.

2. Avoid extending your hot shower sessions.

Most people would battle the winter season by having a nice warm bath every day. Yes, it can benefit your body but not your hair. The steam from hot shower sessions can dry your locks, leaving your tresses frizzy and brittle. It would be best to decrease the water’s temperature, making it lukewarm enough to warm your body without dehydrating your hair strands.

Tip # 3: Use a super moisturizing hair growth serum.

Your hair is in jeopardy of losing its moisture during winter. To keep your tresses well-protected against dehydration, boost your hair with a super moisturizing hair growth serum. Most serums are oil-based, so using one will guarantee your hair’s condition throughout the winter season. Serums will lock in moisture while providing the essential nutrients that your hair needs for healthy hair growth.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to dry your hair before going out.

Our hair becomes extra fragile when wet. So when your damp hair gets exposed to winter’s freezing weather, your hair strands expand, which causes strand breakage. It is also not advisable to wear a cap while your hair is wet, for it can attract bacterial and fungal growth, causing scalp problems. Thus, dry your hair first before wearing a hat to protect your tresses against the cold breeze and scalp infections.

Tip #5: Say no to overwashing.

If you have been used to washing your hair two to three times a day during hot summer days, you may need to cut off your washing habit this winter. You won’t sweat as often as you would back during summer, so there’s no need to wash your hair frequently. Overwashing your hair with shampoo may remove your hair’s natural oils, leaving your hair parched throughout the day. Instead, focus on moisturizing your hair with a hair growth conditioner.

Treat Your Tresses with Extra Care This Winter Season.

Your hair is vulnerable especially during winter. In fact, it needs extra love and care during this cold season to prevent the worst-case hair problems from happening. What your winter hair needs most is ultra-protection against moisture loss. Therefore, protect your tresses against dehydration during winter by keeping your hair well-moisturized. Don’t forget to upgrade your hair care regimen with hair masks, moisturizing serums, and hair conditioning treatments.


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